The Trends of Coffee Consumption

The National Coffee Association (NCA) report on American coffee consumption in 2017 shows we are one very caffeinated nation. This might not come as a shock as we see Starbucks and other coffee chains, along with local coffee shops, as staples in nearly every city in America. What is surprising is the type of coffee we’re drinking. [...]

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Benefits of Learning a Trade Skill

We understand that the skills of a knowledgeable and experienced barista are highly important to the success of our business. From a basic understanding of coffee to production, processing and roasting, to extraction and brewing, etc., this is a well-practiced trade skill. You may not realize this, but demand for skilled workers has been on [...]

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3 Reasons You’re More Productive in a Coffee Shop

By: Jared & Lora Stayton Freelancers have a reputation for working from quaint corner cafes, ear-phoned and typing away on MacBooks in jeans and sneakers. Is it the attraction of a constant caffeine supply, or the free wifi that makes independents and other creative types turn coffee shops into their home away from home? [...]

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