Are there benefits to holding your business meeting at a coffee shop?

Turns out…yes!

The location in which you hold a business meeting can affect how that meeting goes. People’s moods, their likelihood to be more agreeable (or not), how they interact with others – all the parts have the ability to change based on where that meeting is being held. Believe it or not, more people prefer a more casual and friendlier atmosphere to discuss deals, get a new perspective, and even make decisions. The perfect venue for these impromptu meetings; your local coffee shop!

What are the benefits to a coffee shop meeting?

  1. Encourages Productivity

    Coffee shops are known for having Wi-Fi access. If discussions are going well, clients may want to see more about a product or service offering and internet access enables you to provide them with that. If you need to have a meeting with your team, coffee shops can work well for those small internal discussions that allow for a change of scenery and focused conversation outside of the office.Additionally, have you ever felt that strangely empowered feeling when you have your laptop out at a coffee shop, typing furiously to produce your work, while simultaneously sipping a Grande Sumatra with a water cup on the side? The environmental change of just not working from the usual places lends you the encouragement to pump out material.

  2. Easy to Organize

    No reservations or call ahead needed, even in a crowded moment there seems to always be someone wrapping up and heading out. Most-always open seating gives a sense of security when landing on a coffee shop for your meeting place. Your wallet also favors this meeting approach! Coffee shop meetings can be a lot cheaper on an expense report.

  3. It’s Hard to Say No to Coffee

    Generally speaking — most people will agree to a coffee shop meeting. This type of meeting is quick and doesn’t involve much time. And it’s hard to turn down a good cup of coffee…especially when someone else is buying. There’s something about the aura that makes you want to open up more. This image makes you feel like you are indeed an intellectual, taking part in an ancient tradition that may lead back to the great philosophers of Greece themselves.

Since a coffee shop is a neutral ground, it’s easier for clients to feel more comfortable. You’ll have the opportunity to get a better feel for their needs, agendas, etc. Using them as a meeting place typically leads to a further discussion, too. Boom! Yet another benefit to holding a coffee shop business meeting!