By: Jared & Lora Stayton

If you’re a lover of unique and flavorful coffee flavors and can’t get through your winter days without a cup, we’re sure you’ll be excited to know that coffee is actually pretty good for you. Plus, you know, it helps you wake up in the mornings and erases those tension headaches you start to get in the afternoons. So really we’re sure you don’t need any more convincing to drink it. But, like us, you’re probably still on the lookout for ways to spice up your coffee in the mornings. Lucky you – we have some answers! Try one (or three) of our most favorite offerings this winter…

  1. Black and Tan: Just as the name infers, we took our Black, darkest roast bean, along with our popular Medium roast bean, El Corazón, and crafted a blend that produces just the right amount of bold that you’re looking for in your cup. Get you some!
  2. Sumatra: This Lintong Tiger is the highest grade of specialty coffee available from Sumatra. It has been meticulously sorted by hand to remove any natural defects and ensure best quality beans. As a bold roast profile, this coffee is earthy with notes of dark chocolate and never disappoints. Buy some as a gift!
  3. Yirgacheffe: A washed process Ethiopian from the village of Konga, this coffee offers a clean-finishing cup with just the right lemony-citrus touch that makes this one of our most popular offerings. Add it to your cupboards!

It’s warm and cozy in our shop – come see us!