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Even we like this and normally can’t stand decaf!  Whether you drink decaf due to doctor’s orders, or because drinking caffeine turns you into an insomniac, this is a cup that drinks as good as any fully-leaded cup of joe!  Really, it’s that good!  Oh, and why do we call it DESCAFEINADO?  Because it’s just more fun to say than DECAF.  Go ahead, say it in your best Spanish voice and just try not to smile! Proudly sourcing organic Swiss water processed Arabica decaf.

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We offer 4 subscriptions options.

Option 1: Receive (1) 12-ounce bag per month. Great if you want a small cup before each workday.

Option 2: Receive (2) 12-ounce bags per month. Enjoy a couple cups every day with this option!

Option 3: Receive (4) 12-ounce bags every month. Great for the avid coffee drinker who wants to stay awake for the whole month.

Option 4: Receive (6) 12-ounce bags every month. Great for a family or small business that loves their coffee!

Shipments are sent the first available business day after a subscription is made. Your subscription will be sent every 30 days. If you would like to change your subscription click here.

Click here to view more coffee options!

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1 x 12 oz. bag/monthly, 2 x 12 oz. bags/monthly, 4 x 12 oz. bags/monthly, 6 x 12 oz. bags/monthly


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