Drinking coffee is good for you. Not only can a few cups a day lower your risk of a heart attack, even smelling coffee can make you less stressed out. And the type of coffee you drink? Well, that can actually say a lot about you.

Thanks to the folks at the Coffee Tasting Club, we have a (somewhat facetious) idea of what those delicious drinks might say about your personality. Do you like your coffee black? You’re probably one of those straight-laced types with a funny mug or two. Are you a die-hard Frappuccino fan? Then you’re most likely always sprinting somewhere in your stylish clothes.

Check out the images below to figure out what type of coffee drinker YOU are:

Artisan Drinker

Latte Drinker

Frap Drinker

Black Coffee Drinks

Espresso Drinker

Images Above Credit – Coffee Tasting Club

Does your coffee of choice accurately describe you in the illustrations above?

Come on in to our crafthouse and let us make the perfect cup of joe that goes with your personality!